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Macawber has developed a wide range of technology groups to reliably and economically satisfy a diverse array of market requirements. The technology groups collectively respond to the entire spectrum of pneumatic conveying regimes and individually satisfy application-specific needs.


Denseveyor® - Discontinuous Dense Phase Conveyor System

The ultimate system for handling difficult-to-convey materials; hot, abrasive, and wet materials; or for providing gentle handling of products to prevent degradation of friable materials or separation of blended materials.

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Ashveyor® - Ash Conveyor System

Designed specifically for conveying hot, abrasive ash. The Macawber ash conveying system will convey bottom ash, clinkers, or fly ash from boiler beds, bag houses, or electrostatic precipitators at temperatures up to

600 F , and may be arranged in multiple of one to ten units in a single line. Uses about 50% less power than existing flyash conveying systems.


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Sandpump® - Sand Conveyor System

Designed specifically for dry sand conveying, the Macawber Sandpump® is based on proven dense phase pneumatic principles . Air introduction, simplified system controls, and top discharge have been designed specifically for this use. The Sandpump® can be manufactured without custom modifications and sold “off-the-shelf "for fast , easy installation


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Dome Valve® - Dome Valves

The Dome Valve® is used in a wide variety of applications in almost every process. The unique closing and sealing action of the Dome Valve® enables continuous reliable operation where conventional valves fail to perform. The Dome component  and the seal are completely shielded from the flow of material and the crank shaft drive allows unrestricted flow of material through the valve.


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Variflow® - Vertical Flow Conveyor System

The Variflow®  is a single, robust and automatic system for maintaining the material velocity and line loading where it should be for the air source available. The Variflow® overcomes the problems of pipeline plugging from material velocities that are too low or pipelines that are too heavily loaded for the pressure potential available at the air source.


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Controlveyor® - Continuous Batch Injection System

The Controlveyor®  is a continuous, batch injection system. The Controlveyor®  utilizes a unique and simple concept of materials metering into a gas stream that may be subject to back pressure variations—a concept that has been widely applied to achieve outstanding reliability and accuracy.


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The Macpump®  is an arrangement of two pressure vessels working in an automatic and phased sequence to provide a continuous transfer of material with a high material pipeline loading for long conveying distances. The Macpump®  is applied to mineral transfer applications where distance and tonnage rate requirements are high.


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